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  • dev Only related to development.

Questions and suggestions are welcome at Issue.

Discussions and presentation are welcome at Discussions.

If it is a general problem (such as BUG feedback, new feature suggestions), it is best to give feedback in the Issue, so that other people can participate in the discussion and reduce duplication.

Self-checking Common Problem Solution

Check if the file or warehouse name is right.

Check if the url under _config.yml in the Hexo working directory is set correctly. (This part is automatically generated when Hexo is initialized)

# If your site is put in a subdirectory
# set url as '' and root as '/child/'
root: /

Check whether the theme configurations are done in the file and has been saved. Check whether the following steps have been performed:

  • hexo clean: clear the local cache
  • hexo g: generate a new static file
  • hexo s: local viewing effect (if normal, use hexo d to redeploy)

Check whether the local browser cache have been forcibly refreshed (Windows: Ctrl + F5, Mac: Shift + Cmd + R).

Check if it is the latest version.

If you still have problems, you can push your project code as a Hexo branch to GitHub.

Associate with remote warehouse

Use the GitHub source file address to ask questions by ISSUE or Discussions.

hexo server :The article only renders part of the content dev

In the process of developing the theme, I found that only a part of a long article can be rendered, and the second half cannot be displayed normally. At first, I thought it was a problem of hexo-renderer-pug. After a day of tossing around, I finally discovered that it seemed to be a problem of hexo-browsersync during development.

Related Issue: Problem with long pages

Temporary Solution

Set the following in the root directory of _config.yml

  compress: true

Released under the SATA | MIT License.